Beginners Listening Practice | part two

Beginners Listening Practice | part two

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Beginners Listening Practice

What kind of foods do you really like?

beginners listening practice: Mari is talking about her favorite foods that she really loves to eat:

Ron: Hi, I’m Ron from Hawaii. I’m here with Mari from Japan. Today we’re gonna be talking about food. So Mari, what’s your favorite cuisine?

Mari: I think I like American food.

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Ron: What type of American food?

Mari: I like hamburgers.

Ron: Hamburgers. Is that your favorite dish as well?

Mari: That is my favorite dish. My favorite hamburger place is right near where I went to university and they have this hamburger called the Danish Burger, and the Danish Burger has blue cheese inside the hamburger, so I love … my favorite dish has to be the Danish Burger.

Ron: Do you like any side things like french fries with your hamburger?

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Mari: I love french fries but I know that eating hamburger and french fries is a little bit unhealthy so I always replace the french fries for a salad.

Ron: A salad. OK. What about dessert? What’s your favorite dessert?

Mari: My favorite dessert has to be chocolate cake.

Ron: Chocolate cake. Anything else? Do you like to eat it with anything?

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Mari: No, I like chocolate cake by itself. Anything else? I like brownie sundaes, like brownies and choc … brownies with vanilla ice-cream. I guess my favorite dessert is anything chocolaty.

Ron: Sounds good. So before you said you like to eat a salad. What type of salad, what type of vegetables do you like?

Mari: I like all vegetables. I like them cooked or raw but I don’t like raw onions.

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Ron: Not raw onions.

Mari: I really can’t eat onions raw. That’s probably the only vegetable I can’t eat raw.

Ron: That’s interesting. Thanks Mari.


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